Attending a Story County Amateur Radio Club meeting at Northcrest Community

Please enter Northcrest Community by turning onto Northcrest Parkway off 24th Street and proceed to the area marked “NEW FRONT DOOR”. Parking is available in that area. The check-in desk is immediately inside the new front door entry. Grand Room 1 is right off the front lobby.

Some helpful notes are listed below the map.

Northcrest Community map 2022

(Click on the map to see a larger version.)


- There is a large sign at the southeast corner of the intersection of 24th Street and Northcrest Parkway. The sign says 2300 Northcrest Parkway.

- Views of this part of Northcrest Community found on Google Maps vary with each other and with the above map (as of 24 April 2022). Please use the above map.

- If you are approaching Northcrest Community from the west, there is a large wooden fence that may obstruct your view of the sign at the
intersection of 24th Street and Northcrest Parkway. Please note that Northcrest Parkway is the first street east of Prairie View

- If you approaching Northcrest Community from the east, please make sure you turn left just past the sign onto Northcrest Parkway rather than turning left onto Northcrest Drive, just past the railroad tracks.

- Parking is shared with residents, employees, and other visitors. If no parking is available near the new front door. please try the area marked as “OLD Front Door”. The old front door will be locked, so you will have to walk around to the new front door.