Field Day 2022

Story County Amateur Radio Club's Field Day
Saturday, June 25 1:00pm through Sunday, 26 1:00pm
Snow Bunting Lodge, Hickory Grove Park

Visitors are welcome: Visitor information and directions

Operator sign-up:

We'll be operating with call sign W0YL and our exchange will be 2A IA. All logging will be done with N3FJP.

The HF phone station will be at/in the shelter. Station captain is Jake (KE0CDT). The transceiver will be Jake's (KE0CDT) Yaesu FT-1000 Mark V Field with a 20m dipole and multi-band end fed half wave antennas. Potentially also a multi-band vertical.

The HF CW/digital station will be in the EMA trailer. While the setup for CW and digital will be separate, each having its own transceiver and laptop, only one can operate at a time. CW Captain is Pat (N0HR). The transceiver will be Mike's (N1XK) Icom IC-7600. Digital captain is Claus (AE0S) with his Icom IC-7300 transceiver. WSJT-X and FLDIGI will be available. Antennas are Mike's (N1XK) MA5B multi-band yagi on the trailer tower, a 20m dipole and a multi-band off-center fed dipole. The EMA trailer features an AC, however due to the proximity of the camp ground the AC and generator will be run only during the day time. At night (~9pm) the station will operate completely on battery power thanks to Paul (W0YR).

The VHF station will be next to the shelter. The transceiver will be Paul's (W0YR) Icom IC-7000. There will be a 6m moxon and a 2m yagi antennas on a pole. While digital is theoretically possible, the station will be setup for voice only.

We are not manning a GOTA station and will not include the station in our field day score. New licensed members are encouraged to sign-up and operate our regular station. We will have Kent's (NU0I) transceiver for ad-hoc GOTA operation in case we want to let visitors operate under the supervision of a control operator. Antennas will be shared with the HF phone station.

Map of proposed field day setup.

Friday Evening 5pm: Setup, club members needed to help. Be present by 5:30pm for the club provided pizza as a thank you.
Saturday Morning 9am : Setup.
Saturday 1pm: Start field day operation.
Saturday 5pm: Casey's group dinner order (menu). Bring cash for your order.
Sunday 1pm: End of field day operation. Tear down, club members needed to help.

Open Bonus Points Opportunities

  • Educational Activity
    One 100-point bonus may be claimed if your Field Day operation includes a specific educational-related activity. The activity can be diverse and must be related to amateur radio. It must be some type of formal activity. It can be repeated frequently during the Field Day period but only one bonus is earned.
  • Satellite Operator(s):
    100 bonus points for successfully completing at least one QSO via an amateur radio satellite during the Field Day period. "General Rules for All ARRL Contests" (Rule 3.7.2.), (the no-repeater QSO stipulation) is waived for satellite QSOs. Groups are allowed one dedicated satellite transmitter station without increasing their entry category. Satellite QSOs also count for regular QSO credit. Show them listed separately on the summary sheet as a separate "band." You do not receive an additional bonus for contacting different satellites, though the additional QSOs may be counted for QSO credit unless prohibited under Rule The QSO must be between two Earth stations through a satellite. Stations are limited to one (1) completed QSO on any single channel FM satellite.
    Note: You will need to provide the necessary equipment.
  • Message Origination to Section Manager:
    100 bonus points for origination of a formal message to the ARRL Section Manager or Section Emergency Coordinator by your group from its site. You should include the club name, number of participants, Field Day location, and number of ARES operators involved with your station. The message must be transmitted during the Field Day period and a copy of it must be included in your submission in standard ARRL radiogram or no credit will be given. The message must leave or enter the Field Day operation via amateur radio RF
  • Message Handling:
    10 points for each formal message originated, relayed or received and delivered during the Field Day period, up to a maximum of 100 points (ten messages). Copies of each message must be included with the Field Day report. The message to the ARRL SM or SEC under Rule 7.3.5. does not count towards the total of 10 for this bonus. All messages claimed for bonus points must leave or enter the Field Day operation via amateur radio RF.

Thanks to:

  • Story County Emergency Management Agency for arranging the shelter for us and providing the EMA trailer.
  • Jake (KE0CDT) for being the HF phone captain.
  • Pat (N0HR) for being the HF CW captain.
  • Mike (N1XK) for providing the HF CW transceiver and MA5B beam antenna.
  • Ted (KC0URT) for handling the media publicity and inviting elected government officials and agency representatives.
  • Ron (KN0R) for the W1AW Field Day Message bonus activity.
  • Kent (NU0I) for being on the field day committee and providing the GOTA transceiver.
  • Clint's (K0GR) for being on the field day committee, taking the role of the safety officer, providing the HF phone transceiver, and for being a field day super hero*.
  • Paul (W0YR), for being on the field day committee, providing the VHF transceiver, networking equipment, batteries, and for being a field day super hero*.
  • Claus (AE0S) for being the field day committee chair, being the HF digital station captain and providing the transceiver and computer for it.
  • and thanks for everyone that who's helping to setup, tear down and operate.

*Field day super hero: Paul and Clint were essential for the last few field days. They are mentors and coaches to the field day committee and chair. Filling the gaps of what's needed with both equipment and organization. Most antennas, power cables, and other miscellaneous stuff are provided by them. Without them many of us would be operating 1b/c/d or even 0b/c/d. Please give them a special thanks.

For any questions about SCARC Field Day or to volunteer please contact Claus Niesen (AE0S) at .