Items For Sale

For sale by Mike Lowe, KC0GGA
Anytone 868 DMR handheld, asking $80.
The radio is in mint condition, and has seen minimal use. Radio has current (up-to-date) firmware and no modifications.
Assistance with codeplug and/or programming available, if needed.
Contact Mike directly at:

For sale by CARC - Campus Amateur Radio Club:
(All proceeds benefit Campus Amateur Radio Club's Coover Hall tower project)
If interested in purchasing, please contact CARC President Jesse Castillo (K0WKT) directly at:

ICOM IC-756PRO (HF+6m transceiver) $900
ICOM IC-R75 (HF+6m receiver only) $440
ICOM IC-730 (80-10m transceiver - no 30m TX) $275
ICOM IC-735 (HF transceiver) $300
RadioShack Outdoor FM stereo antenna $50

For sale by W0NFL, low priced, from Derecho damage:

Rohn 25G
3 sections, 10‘, $10 each
1 top section, 12’ with AS25G mounting plate, $15

Co-ax, large coil, appears to be RG8/U, $10

Cushcraft antenna parts: boom, heavy duty clamps, elements with coils, matching network MNX-79, free.

In Jim Graham’s back yard, call 509-0824 to arrange seeing.

FOR SALE: Alpha 91B amplifier belonging to George Oster, NP2N.
FOR SALE: ICOM 756ProII belonging to George Oster, NP2N. Recently refurbished (i.e. new display et al) by N1EQ.
Contact Chuck at: WAØROI at rocketmail dot com