Central Iowa Amateur Radio Nets

Story County Club Net

AMES: 147.240+ (PL 114.8) Story County Club Net, Sunday at 7:00 PM

Net Control Stations (NCS):
1st Sunday: KNØR
2nd Sunday: open
3rd Sunday: KØGR
4th Sunday: WØIJJ
5th Sunday: open

If you would like to run the net on any Sunday, just let us know. We encourage people to gain Net Control experience.

Central Iowa Area Nets

AMES: 147.375+ (PL 114.8) Cyclone ARC Net, Wednesday at 7:00 PM

BOONE: 146.850- Boone County ARES Net, Sunday at 8:00 PM, followed by a net on 443.900+

DES MOINES: 146.610- (PL 114.8) Central Iowa ARES Net, Sunday at 8:00 PM. Followed by Central Iowa Technical Net on 146.940- (PL 114.8)

DES MOINES: 146.610- (PL 114.8) ARTS Net, Sunday at 9:00 PM

DES MOINES: 146.940- (PL 114.8) Polk County ARES Net, Thursday at 7:00 PM

DES MOINES: 146.610- (PL 114.8) Night Owl Net, Wednesday at 11:00 PM

MARSHALLTOWN: 147.135+ (PL 141.3) CIRAS Net, Sunday at 6:00 PM

PERRY: 145.190- (PL 114.8) Hiawatha ARC ARES Net, Monday at 8:00 PM

SHELDAHL: 147.075+ (PL 114.8) linked to other repeaters

WEBSTER CITY: 147.015+ (PL 103.5) Hamilton Co. Radio Club Net, Monday at 7:00 PM

ALLEMAN: 145.310- (and Echolink 821351) Iowa Wireless Club ARES Net, Saturday at 9:00 PM

Statewide Nets

DMR Statewide Talkgroup 3119, Iowa Statewide DMR Users Net, Sunday at 7:30 PM

29.570 RX, 29.670 TX (PL 103.5), 10 meter net, Sunday at 8:30 PM

3970 kHz Iowa 75 Meter Traffic Net, Monday - Saturday at 12:30 PM and 5:30 PM (6 PM in Summer)

3970 kHz Iowa Traffic & Emergency Net, Sunday at 5:30 PM (6 PM in Summer)

3990.5 kHz Iowa RACES Net, discontinued for now

1973 kHz 160 meter ARES Net, Sunday at 9:30 PM

More Net Info

More net information is also available at http://dmraa.com/repeaters