April 2012 SCARC meeting The Care and Feeding of VHF/UHF FM Transceivers using the Hewlett Packard 8924C Service Monitor.

The next meeting of the Story County Amateur Radio Club will be at 7:30 pm, Thursday, April 5, 2012, at the 4-H building on the southwest corner of 13th Street and Stange Road in Ames (but actually off of Wanda Daley Road).

The April SCARC program, presented by John Maurer, WØDP, will be a demonstration of the use of a service monitor to verify the correct operation of amateur VHF and UHF FM transceivers. A service monitor is an instrument that allows you to measure transmitter power output, deviation, transmitter spectral purity, subtone levels, receiver sensitivity and many other things.

You are welcome to bring your FM transceivers and check them out on the 8924C. We'll have a power supply and an assortment of coaxial cables to connect your radio to the monitor. You are welcome to make any adjustments you want, so make sure you have the necessary documentation with you. Neither SCARC nor WØDP are responsible for any tweaking or smoke release done by you.

More information on the HP 8924C here: http://www.amtronix.com/hp8924c60.htm