February 2011 SCARC Meeting

The next meeting of the Story County Amateur Radio Club will be at 7:30 pm, Thursday, February 3, 2011, at the 4-H building on the southwest corner of 13th Street and Stange Road in Ames.

The program for the February SCARC meeting will be "A Trip to Moscow: WRTC 2010" presented by Skip, AD0H.

In July 2010, Skip and his brother, Don (W7NG) went to Moscow to observe the WTRC radio contest which was held at 50 identical sites, with two-man teams contacting as many stations possible, around the world, in a 24-hour period. (Don had been the treasurer of the original WRTC held in Seattle 20 or so years ago; they had both attended similar events in Slovenia, Finland and Brazil in past years.) The WRTCs are great gatherings of hams, both participants and observers, from around the world. Skip’s pictures will show scenes from the contest and as a tourist in Moscow.