Items For Sale

For Sale: Nanuk 960 hard case ( Almost new and has the foam inserts cut for my radio equipment. At 22 lb, it is too heavy for me to fly with when my equipment is in it, but could be good for radio equipment if you are not flying. New price was about $350. Will sell for $200 (firm). Contact Ron, KN0R, at if you are interested.

For Sale: 2m analog station- TM271 Kenwood and Dentron 30A power supply, $175 OBO over $150.
Separately PS $125, TM271 $75.

Paul, W0PAL @ or 515/291-4785

For Sale: SignaLink USB w/Elecraft K3 Cable

I bought this and made about a dozen QSOs on FT8. The newer digital modes didn’t interest me and I put it back in the box. It comes with all the original cables, instructions, and software. It is configured for an Elecraft K3 using the P&P jumper module.
1-SLUSBK3, SignLink
1-SLMODK3, P&P module
$115 OBO
Bill, N0AC

For Sale $1600
Ameritron AL-80B AMP with the QSK-5 for full break-in CW. Comes with spare 3-500Z Tube
Cosmetically very clean. Non-smoker. I will deliver within 200 miles.
Contact NG0G 515-709-0135

For sale by Skip Walter, AD0H, 515-232-8294, Ames
Yaesu FT-1000 MP, Ser. No. 8D260031
Refurbished July 2022 by Jim Warner, WA9Z

For sale by CARC - Campus Amateur Radio Club:
(All proceeds benefit Campus Amateur Radio Club's Coover Hall tower project)
If interested in purchasing, please contact CARC President Jesse Castillo (K0WKT) directly at:

ICOM IC-756PRO (HF+6m transceiver) $900
ICOM IC-R75 (HF+6m receiver only) $440
ICOM IC-730 (80-10m transceiver - no 30m TX) $275
ICOM IC-735 (HF transceiver) $300
RadioShack Outdoor FM stereo antenna $50

For sale from estate of Jim Graham W0NFL (SK), including:
Inquiries: Skip Walter AD0H 515-232-8294 or

ID Descriptions: used, unless otherwise noted Company Prices**

Amateur Radio-related
ALS-600 Amplifier, with: Ameritron, Ser. No. ALS-600-12175 sold
ALS-600PS 50 v DC power supply (repair req.) Ameritron
FL-2100B Amplifier 10-15-20-40-80 meters Yaesu, Ser. No. 71-190374 $250
FT-101EE Transceiver 10-15-20-40-80-160 meters Yaesu, Ser. No. 5J 305799 $190
FT-990 Transceiver 10-12-15-17-20-30-40-80-160 meters Yaesu, Ser. No. 3F 230201 $300
FT-1000MP Transceiver 10-12-15-17-20-30-40-80-160 meters Yaesu, Ser. No. 8D 260043 $450
123-B 1.8 - 2 pre-amp Industrial Communication Engineering
D-104 mic on model G stand Astatic $50
PS-430 power supply 12 volt Kenwood $35
T-279 Variactor, 500 w. (new, in box) Olson $40
IT-28 Capacitor Checker Heathkit $120
V-7A VTVM Heathkit $25

Telephone equipment
KS-8655L2 ohm meter Bell System tbd
KS-14510-L5 Volt-Ohm Meter Simpson (Bell System) $18
No. 21-A key 100 ohms Western Electric $95
3B Sounder 20 ohms Western Electric $20

Tubes tbd
VA-220G Old & decorative by:
91507 Western Electric, Mazda Westinghouse
Pacific Eng. Labs, GE, Eimac, Varian

Newer, boxed 50 cents each at hamfests

earphones Holtzer-Cabot (Boston) $40
45-6591 AM radio (1920s) Philco tbd
Super-Five 5-tube radio (1925) Chelsea Connections tbd
7957 Mac Key (chrome), in wood box T. R. McElroy, Boston, Mass tbd
BC-357-L Radio Receiver (WW II) U.S. Army, Signal Corps $35

**Prices estimated at one-half eham and ebay levels.
tbd = to be determined

FOR SALE: Alpha 91B amplifier belonging to George Oster, NP2N.
FOR SALE: ICOM 756ProII belonging to George Oster, NP2N. Recently refurbished (i.e. new display et al) by N1EQ.
Contact Chuck at: WAØROI at rocketmail dot com