2013 SCARC field day

The 2013 SCARC Field Day (Sat June 22 and Sunday June 23) will be held at the farm of Theodore Pope KD0TSV, east of Nevada; the (23945 667th Ave, Nevada, IA), on the North side of US 30. The h.f. antennas will be on top of the high lift, on a tower section to be supplied byDave, KI0Q. The center insulators of the sloping dipoles will be suspended below the lift forks and the ends tied off in the yard.

We will run category 2A; no Get On The Air station this year.

Individual members are bringing a variety of rigs, including at least one Icom 746, AD0H’s 706-II, a Kenwood (from KI0Q), probably KN0R’s Yaesu h.f. rig.

We plan to set-up antennas on Friday night (7 p.m. or so), complete set-up Saturday (10 a.m. or later), operate (from 1 p.m.—1800 GMT) for up to 24 hours, tear down Sunday after 1pm.

Scott KD0FHS has sent a schedule for operators to sign up in advance. AD0H will send a list of activities for Bonus, and ask for volunteers to adopt individual items.