New Site Tips

Here will be a series of quick "how-to" guides for getting things done on the new site. Please check here for help before contacting the web managers.

Larger Print

Nearly every page now has a "Printer-Friendly Version" link at the top center or the bottom of the article. Click that for a larger font and fewer decorations.

Editing Pages

This section is for content managers only:

1) Create a new "Page" for a static page that will contain non-news related items, or a new "Story" for temporal things like announcements on the main page. Or to edit an existing page, click the Edit tab at the top of the page you want to edit.

2) Other than the obvious "Body" section there are a few things you need to do to ensure your page shows up.

A) Make sure it has a Menu entry. You'll have to expand the "Menu settings" box to do this. All contributed pages need to be placed under Secondary Links. Do not use Primary Links, those should be reserved for no more than 6-7 top level, extremely generic topics.

B) URL Path Settings should also have an entry. This should be a single word or words separated_by_underscores that is descriptive and all lower case. See the description under that box for more.

C) Publishing settings should be left as default usually. Stories publish to the front page and Pages do not.

Help items exist for most other settings to explain them fairly well but the ABC should be checked on every page.