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 WYL  (3A, Iowa)

Field Day 2002 (SCARC & CARC) 3A, Iowa

Izaak Walton League, Ames, IA

Contacts: Chuck Brudtkuhl waroi@arrl.net , Matt Nelson kbmgq@arrl.net or Jerry Johnson geraldj@isunet.net 


Field Day 2002 was a success.  The site provided by the Izaak Walton League was excellent, providing shelter and many trees from which to string antennae.  Publicity was provided in an article in The Des Moines Register's Ames Life section on June 27th. 

The wireless (802.11b) logging system worked flawlessly, great idea Matt.  Demonstrations were given related to PSK-31, ATV and APRS.  Some time was spent by one station utilizing solar power.  Power was provided by gas-driven generator.  Antennas used were:

Per the sign-in sheet, the following people attended field day:

WBBQV Dave Ashby E
KCQ Gerald Johnson E
KIQ Dave Fitz E
N9HQG Dan Shaw G
WAMUG Bob Fitz G
N9WTM Dennis Sell G
KEMJ Bill Merrill E
NRWW Paul Doi T
AG3V Arnold Vander Valk E
KCIEA Roland Newton G
WLBG Jonathan Marvin E
KCLXK Kurt Sellner T
ABOY Curtis Sell E
NYM Jonathan Williams E
ADH C. K. Walter E
WAROI Chuck Brudtkuhl E
KCIEN Jennifer Johnson NCT
KBMGQ Matthew Nelson E
KHU Rickey Thompson E
WBQAM Dan Bureman E
KBLVY Lois Bureman NCT
KCAYG Matthew Balvanx G
Nicole Smith (no license)
KCMZ Eric Weber E

Not all these people operated

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dscf0001.jpg (132063 bytes)  dscf0004.jpg (131171 bytes)  dscf0005.jpg (129310 bytes)  Ahhhh, the LOOP

dscf0014.jpg (132933 bytes)  The secret to our success .. in the camper?  Behind the firewall.

Results from Matt, KBMGQ

Ok, the results are in and have been sent to the ARRL. The raw score was
1,924. I figured 900 bonus points, however I couldn't find a picture of the
solar panel setup or us demonstrating APRS and ATV, so I'm not sure about
those. If those bonus points stand, we have a grand total of 2824. In
retrospect, last hear we had a total score of 2686. The raw score last year
(without bonus points) was 1986. So not bad, with one less station we did
about the same as last year.

For those wondering about the logging software, it is now a sourceforge
project at https://sourceforge.net/projects/mylogger/. I haven't released
the files yet, I want to make a few changes before that, but that should be
there soon, like the end of July. Contact me if you want to work on the
project or be a beta tester. When finished it will be released under the
GPL license.





Edited by K0CQ, July 29, 2002.